Charity Services

​Project Accounting

  • Assistance with bid development

  • Assistance with donor budget and report preparation

  • Advice about restructuring or strategic change management.

  • Support with development of cost recovery practice

  • Advice on commercial contracting

  • Projects Life Financial Report

Financial Accounting

  • Management accounting reports automation

  • Review and improvements of donor budgets templates

  • Development of partners reporting template including exchange rate loss minimisation.

  • Annual Audited Accounts workings automation

Deen Services can review and ensure robust financial systems, procedures and controls are in place throughout the  project/grant's life cycle.


We support the programmes team to maintain a monthly cash flow projection for grant transactions, and  carry out regular reviews and analysis.


We review or develop internal tools that track active grants, secured and pipeline funding, cost recoveries and cash balances.


We generate financial analysis, reports and produce effective synthesis for management decision-making, Board submissions and other reporting requirements (e.g. quarterly cash balances report).

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